Bill Crumplin For Mayor

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Changing The City Together

As a candidate for Mayor of the Greater City of Sudbury I have been consulting with individuals from a cross-section of our citizens to understand what they want Sudbury to be in the near future. I have also worked closely with my team to distill these hopes, goals and ideas into a platform that hinges around five major themes.

I will continue my consultations during the campaign and after being elected Mayor to assist me in working with Council, Management and Staff to provide respectful service to our citizens for the greater good of the City.

Besides the obvious issues like improving roads, keeping taxes as low as possible and improving water quality, I have heard from many young adults in the 20 to 35 age range that they desire career jobs in our city because they like the lifestyle Sudbury offers and they want to live and raise their children here.

My Vision

To attract and keep young people in our community, people who want to raise families and build wealth in a community where everyone is intent on improving the economy, the ecosystem and human health by fostering relationships between local businesses and City Hall while using urban design to transition and expand Sudbury’s economy to the needs of the 21st Century.


  • Give priority to repairing and improving existing roads before constructing new ones
  • Work with Roads Department to communicate and implement road, water main and sewer improvement schedule
  • Design and implement best practices versus least expensive road design and construction
    • Become leader in road design for northern Ontario
  • Road Painting
    • Identify and implement best practices and best paint
  • Install signage along new and repaired roads indicating Contractor, Contract Number, Completion Date and length of new or repaired road
  • Water: improve water protection
    • Monitor and apply regulations along and near source water
    • Invite lake and river stewardship organizations and Vale Living With Lakes to assist in improving water quality
    • Seek safe and affordable substitutes for winter salt
  • Increase Alternative Active Transportation Opportunities
    • Expand safe infrastructure for cycling and walking
  • Storm Sewer Improvements
    • Implement and dovetail bio-engineering with traditional methods to assist with handling storm water
    • Plan for climate change impacts
  • Move toward finding solutions in a positive consensual manner
  • Demand respectful interactions within and between Council, Management, Staff and Citizens
  • Follow advice of senior staff and professional consultants when it is in the best interest of the greater good of the City
  • Investigate and implement when and where possible holding Council Meetings in other communities of Greater Sudbury
  • Implement a publicly available Lobbyist Registry for firms or individuals that meet with members of Council
  • Champion a ranked ballot system for the 2022 municipal election
  • Implement and/or redesign Codes of Conduct regarding Conflict of Interest and use of social media
  • Establish and monitor Official City electronic platforms that allow citizen input on matters of interest
  • I oppose the KED and casino development for urban design reasons
  • Maximize existing infrastructure investments while minimizing servicing costs
    • Intensify and encourage development in the core areas of our communities and reduce development in fringe areas where infrastructure does not currently exist
  • Employ a variety of landscaping techniques to make urban areas safer and more friendly
    • Use when possible use semi-permeable surfaces and natural elements
    • Implement bio-engineering to reduce urban heat island impacts
  • Work with Sudbury Hydro to explore energy generation options
    • Investigate using heat from below surface mines to produce geo-thermal electricity
    • Investigate installing solar panels on municipal buildings
  • Open discussions with CP Rail to move rail yard from downtown
  • Re-new existing infrastructure with the needs of citizens and our changing environment over the next 50+ years in mind
  • Ensure municipal buildings are safe and healthy for employees
  • Encourage the use of Transit
  • Improve Downtowns
    • Work with social services, the Health Unit and police to assist homeless and drug addicts improve their lives
    • Work with or without senior levels of government to sponsor a safe injection site
    • Expedite the Elgin Greenway development
    • Make core areas attractive for shopping, entertainment and socializing
    • Implement a pedestrian market downtown (along the lines of the ByWard Market in Ottawa), perhaps along Durham Street, and allow cafes, patios, and sidewalk sales
    • Make core areas more accessible for cycling and walking
  • Invest in and promote Community Centres in the outlying communities
  • Address Housing Issues
    • Investigate ways to allow low income seniors to deal with tax increases to remain in their homes
    • Negotiate Transfer Development Rights with developers to encourage low-income, rental housing and entry level housing to be built in areas of need
    • Work with the Planning Department to identify areas for tiny homes
    • Work with Council and the Planning Department to permit in-law suites and small in-home businesses
    • Allow for neighbourhood convenience stores and services
  • Intensify development
    • Encourage residential, commercial and retail uses in areas with infrastructure in place
    • Encourage the addition of residential units above certain commercial uses

Work to allow mixed use neighbourhoods

  • Support education, health and high-tech businesses to attract millennials
  • Promote the lifestyle available here: nature, lakes, arts and a real chance to influence the direction of the City
  • Rejuvenate Department of Economic Development and Innovation
    • Identify emerging economic sectors for attracting new career job development
    • Establish clear targets for new career jobs
    • Regular reporting re targets
  • Create and maintain a register indicating qualifications of former Sudburians who are desirous of returning
  • Explore and support areas for Sudbury enhance its City of Science
  • Support efforts of local entrepreneurs and small businesses to expand
    • Consolidate processes for seeking permits and approvals
    • Consider financial incentives for local start up businesses
  • Tie tax increases to the cost of living
  • Communicate a participatory macro budget process
    • Illustrate links between different levels of service, new road construction, road repair and improvement and potential tax increases
  • Ensure capital reserves exist for anticipated and unforeseen